Benefits of a private boat tour on Capri

Benefits of a private boat tour on Capri

The island of Capri is among the greatest bucket list destinations in the Mediterranean. It is renowned for the picturesque Blue Grotto, its crystalline waters, and rock formations that enrich its timeless charm. Private boat tours are the ideal solution to fully enjoy this stunning island, especially during the high season. Boat tours reduce travel times and allow you to easily visit places that are otherwise unreachable. In this article you will find out more about the benefits of exploring the island of Capri by private boat tours.

Exclusivity and intimacy

A fully customizable itinerary is the main advantage of a private Capri boat tour. It allows you to choose places of great interest and visit them in total privacy. Common shared boat tours involve following predetermined itinerary and stops, while private boat tours allow you to choose where to stop, how long to stop, and which attractions to visit. The result will be a unique experience tailored according to your preferences.

Private boat tours offer more comfort and intimacy than shared ones. You can choose the boat type and enjoy luxury services, snorkeling equipment, and a dedicated skipper for a relaxing hassle-free journey.

Access to hidden grottos and coves

Capri is renowned for its grottos, like the Blue Grotto, and secret coves. A private boat tour facilitates access to places that are only reachable by sea and allows you to visit both the best-known attractions and the less ones, an exclusive service to discover the most secret places of the island.

Everyone knows that beaches are overcrowded in Capri during the summer season. Perhaps not everyone knows that there are less chaotic beaches that can be reached by private boat. The exclusive access to these beaches allows you to enjoy a relaxing experience and a swim off the coast of Capri.

Total relaxation and flexible time

A flexible schedule is another benefit of private Capri boat tours. You do not have deadlines to meet, places to reach or visit on a scheduled timetable. You just have to relax, choose how to spend your time and enjoy a hassle-free excursion. Choosing how to organize your time is a luxury offered by private tours to make the most of your holiday and live a memorable experience.

Additional services for a unique experience

The additional services offered by boat tour companies allow you to spend time doing your favorite activities. For instance, kit snorkeling are provided on board so that you can snorkel, dive, and explore the underwater world around Capri.

Last, but not least, what could be better than ending the day with an aperitif at sunset? Private sunset boat tours are the perfect conclusion of a day and one of the most memorable experience.

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In light of the above, it is clear why private Capri boat excursions are among the most requested tours today, the ideal choice to experience Capri.

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