Difference between Private Boat Tour and Shared Small Group Tour

Difference between Private Boat Tour and Shared Small Group Tour

Have you ever wondered what the difference between a private boat tour and shared one is? Here are all the differences.

Private Boat Tours - The boat is rented by just one person who can bring with him / her the maximum number of people that the boat can carry.The tour is run exclusively for them. They can arrange their own travel time and decide how to spend the day.Several services are offered on board included in the price such us aperitifs, drinks, snacks, fruit, beach towel, snorkeling kits and more. The price is higher but you have many advantages. Above all, enjoying a supreme relaxation time!

Shared Tours - The tour is more like a guided excursion. The boat is rented by multiple people (our boats can accomodate up to 12 people). There is a lack of flexibility and all the partecipants must follower the same scheduled time and route, with no possibility for personalization. The price includes some refreshments such us snacks, a glass of prosecco for all guests, water and a non-alcoholic drink. Snorkeling kits and beaxch towels are not included. The main advantage is the cheaper price. This tour is recommended for those who love meeting people and sharing their advetures with them without spending a lot and still enjoying a nice boat tour!

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